Make 2019 the year you kiss your cubicle goodbye.

An online course to help you create your own flexible, successful business.


Learn a highly specialized skill: Google Ads management

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in marketing for years or if you’re not entirely sure what a Google Ad is. We’ll teach you exactly what you need to get clients and help businesses effectively run Google advertisements.


These are Google Ads :)

What 1% of Millennials know that you don't.

Build Your Own Business

You can build the flexible, profitable business you’ve been dreaming of. There are no parties to host or MLM "up-lines." Scale as much as your own schedule allows and enjoy all the profits for yourself.

Simplify Google Ads

Google Ads aren’t easy, but we've made them simple to learn. We’ve carefully curated what works for us and our clients and we’re sharing everything with you.

Ensure Results

There are more businesses that need Google Ads experts than we could possibly serve. We will teach you our proven methods so these businesses get the help they need while you get the job you’ve dreamed of.

Is this for you?


Are you in marketing but tired of faking-it-til-you-make-it when it comes to Google Ads?

Are you a stay-at-home-mom looking for some extra income and adult human interaction?

Are you tired of your current job and looking to branch out? 


If you are a hard worker and willing to learn, this is for you! Previous marketing experience isn't needed!



What You'll Learn


1.  Exactly how to manage Google Ad campaigns that deliver results for your clients and help them reach their business goals. 


2.  How to run the business of being a Google Ads expert.


3. How to execute this proven business model with recurring revenue, so you’ll never live in the state of anxiety of a typical freelancer.


About us:

Hi everyone! We are Amanda and Charista and have been friends since we met in the MBA program at Creighton University in Omaha in 2012.

We've both worked for Fortune 500 companies and tech companies and were never completely satisfied working for someone else. We've had different businesses, but we finally discovered running our own small Digital Marketing Agency was something that was both profitable and sustainable. Now we want to share our success by teaching others how to create the same thing for themselves: a flexible, profitable job they love. We're super excited to get to know you and help you get to where you want to be.

-- Amanda   //   Charista 


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What services will I be offering?

You’ll be well-equipped to offer services to local businesses to start and optimize effective Google Ad campaigns.

Google Ads can be super complicated, confusing, and intimidating. But in our 4-week course, we will teach you everything we know both about Google Ads and running a business around being a Google Ads specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

We teach you to do what we've done!  You'll learn exactly what you need to know to be a digital marketer running Google Ad campaigns for local businesses. 

It depends on how big you want to make your business. Is this a side gig in addition to keeping your current job?  Will this be your new full-time job?  You can realistically expect to make $300-$800 per client, per month. How many clients you want to take on is up to you!  For most people, it's realistic to expect to find 3 clients your first month and then to add  2 - 8 clients per month after that.  Most people can build up to managing 30 clients if they do it full-time.  I know you can do math... but I'll make it easy for you -- $500 per client at 30 clients means you can make up to $180K. 

During the course, you'll need to invest about 4 hours per week to learn the material. It's about 2 hours of videos and 1-2 hours of hands on learning.  The videos are designed to be spread out over 4 weeks, but you can take more time if you need.  

Being "good at sales" is more about confidence and having something you honestly believe in. After the course, you will have the skills to feel super confident in your ability to help others.  So many small business need help with advertising and you have a solution to their problem. We'll teach you how to be authentic and not sleazy. If you're willing to have a conversation presenting compelling facts, then you'll be good at this.

You know how many of my clients have asked about my background and experience? Zero. You read that right. Literally no one has ever asked me about my background. I know - it's so surprising!  Clients don't care about your experience as long as you can get them results. I promise this is a question that rarely comes up. Also, you'll learn all you NEED to get Google Ads Certified after this course, so that certification gives your future customers confidence.

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